The Octology of the Seven Hats: Volume One, Part Ten

The Octology of the Seven Hats

Book One

Sargurhand (Invisibility)

Part One: An Odd Beginning

Chapter Three: The Meeting

Part Three

   “Now,” Vilhaun said, “we shall get to business. Malbo shall be the head of our group. And I shall be its guide. I am sure none of you know the North as well as I do, nor any of the other planets. I have travelled far and wide to explore our route.King Botanio and Queen Zarima, you shall be our regal authorities. You  will help us by using your influence and experience to help us through troubling times.” King Botanio and Queen Zarima nodded their heads in agreement.

    “Masnic, you shall be our peacekeeper. If we get into any trouble, I beg you to intercede for us. Tagac and Souiloen, as you are the largest and strongest men in this group, I would like you to be in charge of all of our steeds. Are either of you well acquainted with unicorns?” Both shook their heads no.”

    “Well then, you will have to learn,” Vilhaun said, a little disappointed. “Dwiedle, you will be in charge of our supplies. You will make sure we get supplies when we need them. Inilor, you will be the main gatherer. You will be in charge of hunting, gathering water, and searching for suitable vegetation for consumption. Oomarark, you will be our translator. Your skill of language will be valuable to our cause. Do these jobs suit you?”

     All three men nodded.

    “Good,” Vilhaun said. “Last, but not least, Alche. Alche, you have such a mysterious job that I can’t quite describe it. You will, well-”

    “Be the head havoc-creator?” Alche asked. “I know I’m clumsy, Vilhaun, but I can do other things than that.”
    “I mean your other special skill,” Vilhaun said. “But if you do not wish to reveal it to the group, you don’t have to, and I won’t either. It is completely up to you. I’m sure none in this room will force you.”
     “No, I don’t mind,” Alche said. “As long as this matter does not escape the privacy of our group, I will tell you. Well, everyone, I am a mind-reader and telepathist. I can read minds, I can see people’s pasts, presents, and future, I can speak telepathically, and I have all the knowledge known to mankind. There is one limit to what I can do, I cannot read my own future.”

    “So you can see what each of us is thinking?” Malbo interrupted.

    “Yes,” Alche replied. “For instance, I can tell you that your birthday is Dinkledee 5, E 4882 in the town of Lugh, North Umbria at 9:38 in the morning. I can also tell you your father’s name, your mother’s name,  and both of your uncles’ names, but I won’t for I see you do not wish this information to be shared at the moment. I hope that that clears away any questions you may have.”

    Mabo and the others stared in stunned silence at Alche. Botanio said, “Wow. I am glad that you are part of our company then. You can help us find out if people are going to help us or not.”

    “Indeed,” Alche replied. “However, if something, or someone, wishes to block me out and has the means to do so, I cannot enter their mind;” Alche glanced at Vilhaun, who eyed him back. “But I see nothing in any of your minds that would make me worry too much, at least not about your past. Thank you for having me join you.”

    “Thank you for joining us,” said Dwiedle, quite enthusiastically. Everyone agreed with him by nodding their heads.

    “Now,” Vilhaun said, “I will describe to you the rest of our party.”

    “There are more!?” Malbo exclaimed. “But the Prophecy mentions only eleven people.”

    “Indeed it does,” Vilhaun replied. “No one else is coming. There will be, however, friends along the way to help aid us. I must tell you about the steeds we are taking. Tagac and Souiloen will be taking care of them. They are the finest breed of unicorns, 10 males for all of us and one female for the Queen. They come from a small southern country called Gorungo. For some reason, the only wild unicorns left on Edd live in Gorungo. And Gorungo is absolutely full of them. These unicorns happen to all be offspring of the leaders of the separate herds of which there are eleven. I will tell you the story of how this came to be another day.”
    “What about the phoenix?” interrupted Malbo.

    “Patience, Malbo,” Vilhaun said. “I was getting to that. The phoenix is named Sofi. She is from a country south of South Umbria called Tvist.”

    “There are phoenixes so close to where I live!?” interrupted a surprised Malbo. “How come I’ve never seen one?”

    “Maybe they didn’t want you to see them,” Vilhaun replied. “Don’t worry, though. Sofi can take care of herself quite well. Her job will be to act as a scout since she can fly much faster than we can walk. Now, as it is getting late, I must ask if there are any questions.”

    “What about food?” asked Botanio.
    “We will get that with help from Dwiedle and Inilor. We will take some supplies with us as well,” Vilhaun replied. “Anything else?”

    Everyone stared blankly at one another and slowly shook their heads. “Good,” Vilhaun said. “Now, let us get some rest.”

Next week: The Journey Begins!

The Octology of the Seven Hats copyright 2018 by Stewart Forthofer. All rights reserved. All likeness of any characters in this book to any person, past or present, is purely coincidental. 

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