Lost In Time: a short story by Stewart Forthofer – Part Three

Part Three

    I woke up lying in a cold metal hospital bed. I could see nothing but darkness around me. Evidently, the hospital was closed for the time, at least my room was, and the lights were off. I thought about yelling for someone, but then I felt how tired I was. I was tired, so very tired. . .   

    When I awoke again, daylight was streaming through the little window of my room. A nurse carrying a tray of food and medicine entered the room.

    “How do you feel today, sir?” she asked.

    “Fine,” I said, struggling to sit up. “What happened to me?”
    “We don’t know,” the nurse replied. “We just found you unconscious in an alley. Someone heard you fall, came out of their home, and called us. Perhaps you remember?”

    I did remember, but I didn’t know what to say. So instead I asked, “What day is it?”
    “It’s April 15, 2018,” the nurse replied.

    “Oh no!” I exclaimed. “Are you sure?”
    “Absolutely positive,” she responded. “Is something wrong? Do you have something important today?”
    “No, it’s not that,” I said. “It’s just my birthday, that’s all.” To myself I thought, ‘No that’s not all. I was born today, this year. What am I going to do now? There will be two of myself in here.’

    Just then, the doctor arrived. “How are you feeling?” he asked as he began to examine me.

    “Fine, just hungry,” I replied.

    “Let me check you first and then you can have breakfast,” the doctor said. “Do you remember anything from last night?”
    “Oh yes,” I replied. “I don’t want to tell you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

    “Oh, I would,” the doctor replied. “I’ve heard near about everything.”
    “Not this,” I said hesitantly.

    “Try me,” the doctor insisted. “But first take this medicine. It will help you recover more quickly.”
    “NO!” I yelled, recognizing the medicine he was about to give me. “It’s poisonous! In my world, it has been banned because of the toxins.”
    “No, there are no poisons,” the doctor reassured me, “this is harmless. We’ve used it for years.”
    “I refuse to take it!” I bellowed. “It’s poison!”

    “You’re insane, man!” the doctor exclaimed. “You’re disillusioned. It’s perfectly harmless. Believe me, whatever land you’re from must be imaginary.”
    “No, it’s not,” I replied.

    “Oh, then where is it?”

    I gulped then replied, “Nevada. I am from Nevada and the year there is 2046. I have just come from the future.”

    The doctor looked at me exasperatedly. He said, “Like I said, you’re mad! Raving mad! Nurse, bring a sedative!”

    “No Doc, I’m telling the truth!” I exclaimed. “Honestly, I am! I really am from 2046! You’ve got to believe me!” But it was too late. The nurse put the needle into my arm and I left all reality.  

    I awoke screaming. Doctors and nurses surrounded my bed. I was bawling like a baby as I struggled to take a breath. I looked all around me, wondering why I was surrounded by so many people. Then, I saw my father.

    Suddenly, I stopped crying. Then, I looked at myself. I was there, but I was in the form of a newborn baby!

    “Welcome to the world, little Ralfo,” my father cooed as he patted my cheek. “You look so beautiful, son.”
    I could not believe my senses. Here I was, a baby again! What could I do? It appeared I would have to live over my life, but oh how I dreaded that! Would I ever be able to get back? I  didn’t think so. I was stuck here. I was lost in time.

The End

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